The Wellspring of Creation is a powerful force within the BZ-Nui universe, and is, in fact, the origin of the world. The 1st Shadow believes it to be a leftover from the creation of the prime Earth dimension.

The Wellspring of Creation in its natural form


Little is known about the Wellspring before Shadow discovered it.

The Wellspring of Creation was locked inside a pocket dimension that branches off from the prime Earth universe. Shadow believes that the Wellspring itself created the portal that brought him to it. When he first touched it, it searched his mind, and evidently deemed him worthy of its power. It bonded with him then, and gave him control over it's apparently unlimited powers of Creation. He immediately understood what that power entailed, and so he set limits within the world so that he wouldn't push himself too far. He then returned to Earth to get his bearings and make a plan. Upon his return to the Wellspring, he was encountered by a time-travelling Irrie, who was testing out his 1-Year Vahi.

Once comfortable with himself, Shadow used the Wellspring to return to Earth and contact the BZPower Staff. He explained his plan to create a world for the members of BZPower, and promised to make easy access points for them all to get in and out of whenever they chose. Then, using the others' guidance and thoughts, he shaped the world into an island, which he filled with forests, mountains, and cities, as well as adding a few smaller islands.

Thus began the world of BZ-Nui.


The Wellspring never moved from its original position, but Shadow built up the BZ-Metru Coliseum around it, to keep it safe from other members, as an earlier accident had proved that it would only accept one chosen user at a time--any others would only cause corruption.

The 1st Shadow would occasionally use the Wellspring to make changes to their world whenever it was needed, such as creating the Kanohi Force Tower.

Powers and Abilities

The Wellspring has access to a full range of Creation powers. It can generate any material, in any form it or the user desires. Shadow deemed this to be too great a power, and so limits his use of it.


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