The world of BZ-Nui has existed as a pocket universe alongside the prime Earth universe, where all the BZPower members originated. The following is a timeline compiling and correlating the events that have transpired between the two worlds since the pocket dimension's founding as BZ-Nui.


(Earth year) / (BZ-Nui year)


  • 2001: LEGO develops BIONICLE, BZPower's parent websites are established
  • 2002: BIONICLE storyline grows, fanbase is established
  • 2010--BIONICLE is cancelled, fanbase dwindles/Creation Wellspring begins to look for new candidate
  • 2013--Wellspring selects BZPower member The 1st Shadow as new candidate, begins training
  • 2014 / 0--Shadow selects members of BZP to help him build a new world using the Wellspring's power/LEGO brings back BIONICLE
  • 2015 / 1--BZ-Nui brings in BZP members to inhabit the new world/ BIONICLE Generation 2 begins/Kanohi Force formally comes together
  • 2016 / 2--BZ-Nui becomes a thriving, independent world