The 1st Shadow's rise to popularity on BZPower came in the form of a comic series. Unlike the conventional digital sprite comics, T1S adopted an older, little-used method known as Photo Comics, in which the Comic Maker takes pictures of MOCs and sets in a series of panels that are used to tell the story.


T1S began his comic enterprise on July 29th, 2013. It started with a simple intro comic featuring three characters (himself, Turaga Lumos, and Cyrahk). Things only went up from there, and his series became a huge hit.

He completed the first season the year after it began, and a few months later, he jumped into the second season. Season 2 was on a rough hiatus for the majority of 2015, but Shadow has since pushed himself back into Comic Making, and is back in business- somewhat.

For by 2016, his comics had slowed to a grinding halt. However, he has full intent to revive them, and possibly redo them.


The story focuses on a bunch of MOCs that go on numerous adventures and get involved in endless shenanigans--all in a Toy Story-like fashion, as they know they are just MOCs that have somehow gained life. Exactly what causes this remains a mystery, but they don't waste time thinking about it.

The main cast is led by The 1st Shadow and Turaga Lumos, a Turaga of Light and T1S' co-host. They are often harassed by a group of villains, formerly led by Makuta Teridax, and now by the warrior Lord Ghutan.

Each season features different groups of Guest Stars--other members of BZPower whom Shadow invites to join in the fun. One recurring Guest is Shadow's own cousin, Meyres the Anchorman.

Season 1

These stories were mostly randomized, and had little connection to one another. Only the villains seemed to have any idea of a plot, which was done in reference to Teridax, the leader of the villains at the time. Most of the season was spent getting to know the characters and introducing Guest Stars. The season Finale brought all the characters and Guest Stars together for one big battle, which resulted in the supposed death of the two characters named 'Teridax.' This prompted everyone to take a break for the summer and relax before the coming season.

Season 2

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There are three categories of characters within the series: Main cast, Villains, and Extended cast.

Main Cast

  • The 1st Shadow--the self-MOC of the Comic Maker himself, T1S is the leader of the group. At the end of the first season, his body was destroyed, and rebuilt to a larger form, which he continues to use to this day. As an Av-Matoran, he has limited light powers. He's also very clever and inventive.
  • Turaga Lumos--A Turaga of Light, he was the first character other than T1S to be introduced. He is Shadow's best friend, and serves as a mentor to some of the other cast members.
  • Cyrahk--A sapient Rahkshi of Heat Vision, Cyrahk surprisingly does not have evil tendencies. Instead, he is the dimwitted Assistant Manager of the comics. He's obsessed with cookies, chocolate, and Snickers. He runs an Ask Clog with his best friend, Thulk.
  • Thulk--A Le-Matoran scientist who built himself into a larger, more powerful form resembling Marvel's Incredible Hulk. He's close friends with Jontor and Cyrahk, and runs an Ask Clog with the latter.
  • Jontor--A mutated Ta-Matoran with limited Fire powers.
  • Captain Antarctica--A Toa of Ice who leads a group called "Team MARVEL," which consists of Cyrahk, Thulk, Jontor and the occasional GS.
  • The Doctor--A being of a Toa-like race, he's the resident Doctor Who fanatic.
  • Tetrak--a very lazy Po-Matoran who doesn't do that much. Ever.
  • Rachel--A female of an unknown race, she's close friends with Tiffany and Turaga Lumos.
  • Tiffany--A female of an unknown race. She's close friends with Rachel, and, as of Season 2, is in a relationship with T1S.
  • Teridax--(deceased) The Alternate universe Teridax, he was the good-guy equivalent of the evil Teridax before his apparent death at the hands of his counterpart.


  • Teridax--(deceased) The original leader of the Villains, Teridax was jealous of T1S's position, and he sought to take over the Comics. He was killed by T1S at the end of the first season... Or was he?
  • Lord Ghutan--A confident weapons-master who leads the gang in Teridax's place. He's much better about including his comrades than Teridax was.
  • Lerashyk--A lizard-like mutant who has a long history with Ghutan, the two are nearly inseparable. Lerashyk is considered a casual villain, as he doesn't feel the need to cause too much trouble for anyone.
  • JallerNui--A psychotic, mutant version of Jaller Mahri, he's the military muscle of the group.
  • Toa Nidhiki--A treacherous addition to the team, Nidhiki enjoys causing mischief. He aspires to one day take place as leader.
  • Sir Vamprah--A knightly version of Makuta Vamprah, this silent fellow joined the villains for unknown reasons. As he is also a Makuta, it is suspected that he may be following some secret orders from Teridax.
  • Fire Sprite--a demonic lackey picked up by Lerashyk
  • Jack Acetous--A rogue Hero from Hero Factory, Jack was hired by JallerNui to join the team. None of them fully trust him.
  • CyborgTahu--Lord Ghutan kidnapped Toa Tahu and fitted him with many cybernetic implants that allows the villains to control his actions. It's possible that the real Tahu may try to fight his way out one day.

Extended Cast

  • Jarn--T1S' real-life brother, and a sugar-obsessed Ko-Matoran
  • Nijen--T1S' real-life sister, and is the more mature of his siblings, in the comics at least. She's a Vo-Matoran.
  • Meyres--T1S' real-life cousin, Meyres runs his own comic series called "The HUNA Report." He often gets involved in his cousin's comics, and vice versa.
  • Sybre--one of Shadow's friends and current Guest Stars. A fellow Comic Maker
  • Axilus Prime--one of T1S' friends on BZPower, and current Guest Star. Another Comic Maker
  • Tahukan--one of T1S' GSes, and veteran Comic Maker
  • Mk7.13--One of Shadow's current Guest Stars. He was integral to the plot of the Season 1 finale. HAs also produced Photo Comics.
  • Iron_Man5--One of Shadow's friends on BZPower, and one of his current GSes
  • Sharnak, The Bohrok Lord--One of Shadow's GSes, he is one of the Veteran Comic Makers of BZPower. His works were one of those that inspired Shadow to start his own.
  • Damaracx--a previous GS
  • Flaredrick/Snake--a previous GS
  • Stroxx--a previous GS
  • Loganto--a previous GS
  • Dallior--was last seen in a doorway. No-one is sure if he'll ever be seen again, although rumors abound.
  • Ghidora--seen in the same doorway, although hideously blocky.

The Movie

Shortly after the successful first season, T1S had the thought to one day try a full-length stop-motion film to go alongside his comics. As of late 2014, the announcement was made public, and work on the script is still progressing. It is unknown exactly when the movie will air, but it is expected to come after the end of Season 2.

The movie is planned to combine elements of T1S's own comics with those of his cousin Meyres' comics, once again. The story would see the respective villains teaming up against the casts of both series.



  • These, along with the series by Dallior and Ghidora, takes place in the 44th Dimension.
  • T1Shadow's self-minifig appeared in the first season.

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