Rustam was a minor character in Vanquished Alliance.


Rustam joined BZ-Nui along with the rest of the BZPower community after it was created by The 1st Shadow. He soon enlisted into the BZPower Guard and climbed to the rank of Sargent Major. He later applied to join the Guard's special forces unit.

Dealings With the Kanohi Force

Rustam participated in the cleaning up operation of the destroyed Kanohi Force Tower, along with some other enlistees and a squadron of Vahki.

Many decades later, he was assigned on a mission with several other special forces members to hunt down the Kanohi Force in their cave hideout. He and two other unit members battled the Force in their cave, eventually subduing them and taking them into the transport. Their prisoners soon escaped and took control of the transport, imprisoning the special forces unit.

Mergen then devised a plan to destroy the Kanohi Force via a set of bombs that she carried in her vestment. When she detonated herself, as well as the BZPower bombers arrived, he was thrown out of the transport by the force of the blast.

He then mad acquaintance with Finbarr, who he planned on extracting information from in order to take out the rest of the Force. They then met up with Irrie, who took them to his old shack in the woods. Shadow and Arzaki arrived the next day, who took them and the Spiegel Stone from the shack and to an open plateau, where they restored the Kanohi Force Tower. He and Finbarr were then repaired in the medic bay.

Later that afternoon, Rustam confronted Arzaki in the basement, planning on taking him out first, as he was the most visibly weak of them all. Little did he know, Arzaki's muscle had not deteriorated one bit, and he soon defeated him with the help of Flamewing.

Rustam was then imprisoned in the Kanohi Force Tower. After the victory of the Kanohi Force in the Battle of the Coliseum, Rustam was set free and returned back to his home in BZ-Nui.