Loremasters have been around since the beginning of BIONICLE fan-fiction. They are the master writers whose works have been highly praised and well-recognized over the years. They trace their lineage back to Garmatus, the legendary scholar who wrote the first BIONICLE fan-fiction back when BZPower was only a few months old.

An emblem of the Loremasters


The only recorded member of BZPower using the title "Loremaster" is Irrie, however it has a very potent significance in the BZ-Nui dimension.


According to BZPower myth, the first Loremaster was the teacher Garmatus, who achieved the title informally after the publishing of Garmatus' Konkistaholm. The ironic part about this is that Konkistaholm chronicles a Toa of Light, something that Garmatus believed to be an original idea of his since this took place in the era of 2001. He never learned that Light was planned to become a canon element before his disappearance.

Before he founded his school of sixty students, he taught his first pupil, Mosby, the ways of the Loremaster. After Garmatus' disappearance he coined the title of Loremaster, and was the first official member to use it in his name. Eventually he retired from BZPower, and his apprentice carried the title after him.

This process continued through seven different Loremasters throughout the entirety of BZ-Nui's existence. Irrie became the 11th Loremaster after his mentor, Djan, left BZPower.

Known Loremasters

  • Garmatus (unofficial)
  • Mosby
  • 7 unnamed Loremasters
  • Djan (Irrie's Predecessor)
  • Irrie


  • There has only been one time when there were two active Loremasters in BZ-Nui. This was when the 4th Loremaster retired and gave the 5th the title. However he subsequently returned a few months later to submit one last fan-fiction before he went, temporarily making two Loremasters present on the island.
  • Loremasters are sometimes confused with Chroniclers. While Chroniclers document real-life information and events, Loremasters typically do works of fiction. However there have been a few scenarios where the Loremaster took over when a Chronicler is unfit to continue work.