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There are a number of memes associated with the various members of the Kanohi Force. This is the most complete list of them:


Ghidora has been the subject of a few minor memes, although none have actually come to fruition.

Jakura Nuva


The Jakura Approves meme

Jakura was the subject of the first meme, and it was designed by Ghiddy. This meme is used in response to posts that are impressive or deserving of approval.

The 1st Shadow


The T1S-related meme

T1S was the subject of the second meme designed for use by the members of the Force. When a member finds a post that they deem to be meaningful or hits home in a way that words cannot describe, they post the image in response.



Irrie Bucks

The third meme was inspired by Irrie's profile page on BZPower. The so-called "Irrie Bucks" are given in-post to someone who has done something worthy of payment.



Dane thinks your work is UGLY!

The fourth meme was designed by Shadow, and was inspired by Dane's favorite catchphrase for a time.

The Tokytot


The Tokytot meme

In his first appearance in the comedy, the Matoran of Noodles commented on a book he'd just flipped through, noting it's lack of entertaining appeal.


A text-based meme originating with Ghidora. Whenever a piece of work is written, and doesn't feature Arzaki, the meme used is "0/10 needs more Arzaki." Can be adapted to any other member, but most often refers to the Toa of Fire.