A mysterious series of gravity-defying islands set off the coast of BZ-Nui.


The Glass Isles are named as such because, well - they're invisible. The dirt, stone, and metal that make up what can be observed of the island are entirely transparent when connected to the main land masses, but become visible if removed. The grass, trees, and other such plantlife that grow on it are completely visible, and are usually fresher and greener that the best fields in BZ-Nui.


The Glass Isles do move, now and then. Every month or so, the isles quickly raise into the air, revealing the land columns that make up them go down for thousands of miles into the water. They may raise as high as a skyscraper. Then, they come crashing back down to a gentle stop. Daredevil attempts have been made to see who can survive this interesting phenomena, with sometimes terrifying medical reports.

Despite their grim reputation, they are a popular tourist spot, minus the days that they rise and fall.