The Comic Land is the largest island in the Creative Archipelago. It is one of the longest-standing locations in BZPower lore.


The Comic Land has been around since some of the earliest sprite comics on BZPower, as a way to give a location to the fictional world that the comics took place in. This allowed Comic Makers an easy medium to crossover with other authors whenever needed. Most depictions of it had a city in the center of the island known as BZ-Metru, basically putting all of BZPower in the region of the Comic Land.


In this continuity, the Comic Land was formed in addition to the larger island of BZ-Nui. It is located within a group of islands to the south, known as the Creative Archipelago. This iteration of the island is used exclusively for Comic-Making by the masters of the profession.

There are many small towns and cities that are home to the Comic Makers and their studios. In some cases, the fictional characters were brought to life and live alongside their respective Comic Maker in whatever town or city they reside in. A few, such as Dark709, lived in a countryside studio, away from the hustle and bustle of the towns.

Hall of Legends

When The 1st Shadow constructed BZ-Nui, under the guidance of the Staffers and some of his close friends, he made the Comic Land to fit their every expectation. But he added one particular secret, known only to a privileged few: The Hall of Legends. It was located in the western mountain range, hidden behind a false wall of rock. The wall could be opened by triggering a secret lever off to the side.

Inside was a vast chamber, lined with doorways. Each doorway held a room of records--the works of the greatest Comic Makers in BZPower history. Each one had a room dedicated to them, and above each doorway was a suva shrine that held a copy of their mask. Only they could open their own room.

When one of the Legendary Comic Makers prepared to retire from the job, Shadow came to them and told them of Hall. It was a secret that only they were to know about--the Staffers were kept in the dark about it. The secret was only revealed prematurely to two members, when BZ-Nui was facing a crisis and Shadow needed to summon the Comic Makers to help save the world.

Other Continuities

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